has anyone done yjhd yellow and white?

zaynsnaseeb replied to your photoset
perfect thanks for making this for me bb

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know your movie releases 
meets bollywood reaction
→ 19th september
palkein said: all the fruits please :P


melon - my first impression of you

she makes whatever she touches in photoshop turn into gold and she likes tellywood so yes i approve <33

peach - what i like most about your blog

you make really pretty gifsets and edits super fast like i s2g you are the first one to gif or edit literally anything bollywood and tellywood lol

vanilla - what i like most about you

you are super fun to fangirl with esp about rang rasiya and you are very open and say what you feel which is a plus :)

lilac - why / how i started following you

for your gifs! and i saw your gifs of devdas and i fell in love <33

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

 we are super close friends now and i have gotten to know a lot about you in the past few months and i hope we continue being friends!

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours


plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

rang rasiya theme song cause of our fangirl sessions!

sweet pea - would i go out with you

if you promise to show me rajasthan and agra ;)

strawberry - i secretly think… 

you are gorgeous! you pull off all types of clothes and im jealous! 

mango - anything you want me to answer about you 

nothing really but ilu v much bb!

ishita who though

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imagine the amount of followers you’d have if no one ever unfollowed you 

hera pheri movie though

[78] / 100 - Veer Zaara

[78] / 100 - Veer Zaara

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